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Why Do I Need Houston SEO?

Do I Really NEED Local SEO?

Something that most people wonder is if they actually need local SEO. The truth is you don't NEED local SEO. However, if you want to fly past your competitors and completely dominate your industry then SEO is a necessity. Furthermore, if you want to increase clientele, patients, customers, or overall profits then looking for a local Houston SEO agency is something you need to look into.

You've taken the first step. You've looked into SEO, but now what? The next step is to find an agency, consultant, or business that knows what they are doing and will do anything to get your site to where it deserves to be. With that being said, there are some easy sign to tell if the Houston SEO expert you're contacting is actually going to be able to deliver their promise. Here are three tale tale signs that the SEO consultant may not be able to deliver:

SEO guarantee


There are a lot of SEO agencies that will give you a guarantee that they can get your site ranked. While this will give you peace of mind, you may want to think twice. The truth is, there is no way to guarantee that you'll get ranked. Not saying that you won't get ranked, but there's no guarantee that Google will not make a dramatic change to their algorithm. That's why, at Nova Marketing, we don't give you a definite guarantee. Instead, we guarantee that if Google doesn't make a major algorithm update we will get you ranked no matter what. With that being said, there is a very, very slim chance Google will ever implement an algorithm update that would cause this.
SEO methods


Believe it or not, SEO is not a game of chance. We follow a system that has been proven to work, time and time again. This is the same system we will explain to you when we have our first conversations. If you're working with an SEO agency and they are not willing to explain their process, take that as a warning sign. The reason being, there are a lot of ways to rank a site that won't keep you ranked in the long run, or that will overall destroy your site (de-index you from Google). This is why we are completely transparent in our methods and will answer any, and all, questions you have.


Fake testimonials. Fake testimonials are an epidemic in this industry and many online industries. Typically, the SEO agency's site will have testimonials just like any other site, but they will not have a link to the testimonial's site or they will not have access to the website they said they ranked. This is something you should definitely investigate. Ask if you can speak to the testimonials, if they will let you see the site they ranked for them, or show you that they have access to the site. If they are hesitant to do any of these things take that as a red flag.

What can I Expect from SEO?

When you first start working with a Houston SEO company you need to know what kind of results to expect. With this being said, the most important result is in the rankings. However, with everything Google is doing algorithm-wise, this is no longer the full case. While SEO is based around getting your business's Google ranking to #1, it has been shifting more to traffic. This is because traffic is the end result of a better rank, and due to consistent updates rankings are no longer as consistent as they once were. This doesn't mean that you won't get to the #1 spot, it just means that people could get different results depending on a number of factors, and to not worry about your rank as long as your traffic is increasing.

What most people want to know is how long does it take. This is a very tough question to answer because there are a ton of factors that go into it; the competition of the industry, your current ranking, your on-page and off-page SEO, your NAP consistency, and so on. Furthermore, SEO is a long-term solution and it takes some time to do it right. With all of that said, it can take anywhere from 6 months to upwards of 12 months. However, from our experience, most SEO campaigns are within the 6 months or go a little over.

The last thing, and the biggest thing, that you will want to know is the price of everything. This, like the time to rank, is different for every situation. Again, it comes to the competition of the industry and what your competitors are already doing. Regardless of the price, you will make a great ROI. This is something you can always expect, as long as you're working with a Houston SEO expert who knows what they are doing. That's something you should definitely keep in mind, especially when you're given an estimate for the service.

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