Pay-Per-Click Management

Pay-Per-Click Management

If you want to see a huge jump in your traffic then PPC would be the way to get there. PPC will give you almost immediate results. While SEO takes time and a lot of background work, it can take a few months to fully work (all dependent on the industry). The effects of a good SEO campaign can last for month and even years. However, PPC will only work as long as you're paying for it. It all is dependent on the needs of your business since PPC can give you results overnight.

There are a lot of reasons that businesses choose PPC. Typically it's because they need customers NOW and can't afford to wait for SEO to take affect. We have perfected getting customers to your website almost immediately.


How does PPC work?

1) Keyword Research - we take time to find the best possible keywords for you business. These are keywords that a potential customer will be searching for to find your service or product.

2) Create Ads - we'll then create ads that popup in the search results whenever a potential customer searches for one of the keywords. These ads will entice the searchers to client them and bring them to your site.

3) Traffic - this is the end goal of any internet marketing campaign and is what will make you money at the end. We make sure that you will get as much traffic as possible.

What's the process?


Industry Research

We first start by getting an idea of what your demographic is. Once we complete the initial industry research we will create custom ad campaigns designed for your business. This campaign will work along side your business goal while using our experience to make sure you only receive the best possible ROI.
How we insure you getting the best ROI possible:
  • Create a custom PPC strategy for you
  • Research and analyze your targeted market
  • Analyze and optimize your website for conversion
  • Create search engine ads and other industry related ads
  • In-depth keyword research
  • Maximize your given budget for ROI
  • Hire professional writers for ad copy
  • Target geographic locations (when applicable)
  • Track metrics to give insights into ad campaign

Ongoing Management

We don't just make sure your campaign is as productive as possible, but we work with to help improve the results where possible. Search engine and customer trends change regularly. We make sure to stay on top of both. By using Nova Marketing you can ensure that your money is being used to make you the most back as possible.

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